Pricing and Process

Results-Based Strategic Design emphasizes prototyping and concept-testing, so it only makes sense to apply those basic design principles to this start-up consulting practice. Therefore I am offering a special arrangement to any institution that wants to learn more about this approach and help refine it. I will be happy to have an initial in-depth phone conversation at no charge.

For the next five clients (starting with contracts executed after 6/11/2019), or for all contracts executed by December 31, 2019 (whichever comes first), I will offer a full day and a half of consulting for only $2000 plus travel expenses. All I ask in return is that you provide detailed feedback on how the consulting was helpful and how it can be improved. And to be sure the experience is valuable for you, I will add that the $2000 (though not the travel expenses) is fully refundable if for any reason you feel the experience was not worth the expense. If we negotiate a longer engagement, the initial $2000 will applied to the price of the contract as a deposit.

Specifics of the schedule and activities are fully customizable, and subject to the constraints of institutional time and availability, but here is a typical schedule of events and results:

Before the visit

  • Phone consultation with CEO or designee to plan the visit.
  • I review current strategic plan and/or planning efforts in progress and provide an assessment.
  • Respondents of the institution’s choosing will be asked to complete a brief, confidential, on-line questionnaire on the institution’s current situation that will give us a starting point for discussion. Respondents will be asked to identify their general role and/or area but not their names. The respondents can range from the executive team or planning committee to the entire campus, including the Board.

During the visit

  • Opening meeting to set intended results for the visit (CEO and/or senior staff).
  • Assessment of current status based on questionnaire responses and current planning documents (CEO, senior staff, planning team if it exists).
  • Overview of Results-Based Strategic Design: presentation on the principles and process (audience could range from representative stakeholders to entire organization).
  • Hands-on workshops for volunteer “design teams” that would work through an abbreviated design process, producing ways to identify constituent needs, identification of constraints, potential prototypes, and other results.
  • Presentation of design team results to an audience that could range from a small group of stakeholders to the entire campus.
  • Discussion of future results and design timetables with senior staff and/or planning group.

After the visit

  • Report to CEO within two weeks to distribute as she/he sees fit, including consultant observations on the current planning/design environment, identification of potential challenges and opportunities, and recommendation for future strategic design work.
  • Follow-up phone conversation or conversations to discuss next steps.